Land Park Children’s Learning Center

Land Park’s Fields of Daisies

One of the very unique parts of William Land Park is the section where the Deodar Cedars grow, and the Dawn Redwoods, there are Valley Oaks and American Sycamores, Silver Maples, Chinese Hackberry, and American Elms, all in the natural setting of the Children’s Learning Center. 

They don’t use herbicides here around the trees. The grasses and the flowers – the daisies, they grow right up to the base of the trees. 

William Land Park is such a beautiful park!

On the other hand, overuse of Glyphosate Based Herbicides at Land Park, and other urban public spaces, has long term consequences that are just beginning to be understood by researchers. 

I can say unequivocally that there is increasing use, simply put, “overuse” of glyphosate based herbicides (Ranger Pro – the generic Roundup, or roundup lite – as it is affectionately known within the industry) at Land Park because I was there the day of the Spray, April 6th, 2022.

The square footage of herbicide sprayed soil surface area around trees and along curbs and roadways is growing, widening as can be seen in the videos and photos on this blog.

How Much Herbicide Is Enough?

This 36 second video clip begs to ask, how much is enough? 

While showing both the volume and the amount of time required for the application of glyphosate based herbicide to even one side, or half of the ground area around the base of one tree, more questions arise: 

Why so much? Why at all? How many trees total? 


I came to photograph flowers that morning….

Tom DiFiore

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