Land Park Sound Check

Land Park Sound Check

Just another quiet day at the the Park.

I rarely go to City Regional Parks anymore. On this day in September 2022, I stopped at Land Park to eat lunch and walk. I wasn’t there 5 minutes….

So, note to Parks and Community Enrichment Commission…


Why was the tree canopy of William Land Park Golf Course counted separately from William Land Park tree canopy during the 2018 Urban Tree Canopy Assessment for the Regional Parks?

This would certainly increase the canopy cover percentage averaged over a given number of acres, and allow for adjustments to total tree canopy increases for the Park.

Under “Bare Soils” the City documents have listed 1 acre under “Land Park.”

I have counted 5-8 acres of bare soils not inclusive of the Baseball fields!

More to follow…. 

Tom DiFiore

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